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How to get more squad members

In my (humble) opinion this is the hardest part of getting a regular game of football together.  Not just getting lots of people on your mailing list, but people who are committed to playing regularly.

I consider myself fortunate in that my regular Thursday nighter has over 60 people on the mailing, so we're in the nice place of having too many names down each week (I use the first 14 to reply get to play rule).  But it's taken years to build that level up.

In this regard, there's only so much toepoke can do for you, so here goes:
  1. Make you game public (from the game edit screen) and it will appear in our directory so anyone can apply to join your squad.

  2. Print off a poster (available in your game options) and ask to put it up where you work, and/or where you play.  toepoke will include details of the game, and who to contact.

  3. Work in an office block?  Why not ask in the reception of other offices where you work if they'll send out an e-mail on your behalf.  Lots of small companies are in the same position where perhaps 5 people want to play, but that's not enough.  Join forces and have a kick-about.

  4. And of course, you can always post to facebook and twitter through the buttons on your squad invitation screens.
Hope this has given you some ideas.

Until next time,
Team TP.

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