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Meeting strangers

Your safety is naturally of paramount importance to us, and we have made the web-site as secure as we can. All your details are stored securely in our database, and your details are only shared with other players in your squad.

If you're meeting members for the first time (particularly if you've joined an public game), you are responsible for your own safety. We recommend you take some precautions, such as these simple steps:

  • Arrange to meet in a public and well lit location, the reception of the venue for instance.

  • Don't offer to give lifts, or accept a lift initially. Wait until your are comfortable in the company of the other players.

  • Don't exchange address information (home or work) until you've met the players personally (there should be no reason to swap addresses anyway, unless you're organising lifts).

    We may share your mobile number with other players in the squad (in case the match is cancelled late in the day).

    Again wait until you're comfortable with the other squad players before sharing your mobile number on the website.

  • Inform a family member, friend or work colleague of who you're intending to have a match with, where the game is to be played, and when.

  • Finally if you have any doubts, politely make your excuses, offer to pay your share of the pitch cost, and leave.

Until next time,
Team TP.

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