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We don't play in the summer, can we "pause" toepoke?

It happens every year in July to September doesn't it?

The schools are shut for 6 weeks; childcare becomes an issue.  Loads of players going on holiday for a couple of weeks in the sun.  Heck, some of our players go and play golf for a few months whilst there's daylight - don't understand this myself, football is miles better!

Outcome being our squad is 50% down on what we usually get ☹.

I know some of our squads admit defeat and close their games down for the summer period.  If this is you, here's what you'll want to do it toepoke.
  • Click my squads
  • Select change template
  • Pick the my timeline tab
  • Turn off all the reminders under the Active heading
This won't stop your matches being created (they'll still appear on your dashboard) but it will stop the e-mails going out to everyone.

Just remember to put them back on when you start your matches again.

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